Nice to meet you, I’m Hannah the creator of CosyCat Candle Co. I live in Hampshire with my partner Luke & our three gorgeous ginger cats; the cats of CosyCat Candle Co.

CosyCat Candle Co. was born during the lockdown of 2020. I'm a really creative soul, always crafting something & candles are a big part of that. With new found time on my hands this hobby became an ambition to create my own candle brand that has cosy moments at it’s heart. I've always adored candles & wax melts; I just love how they can instantly give you a moment of “me time”. They set a scene, make your home feel super cosy, lift your mood, soothe your soul or can even stir a memory. So with all this in mind I created my own range of beautifully fragranced soy wax candles & melts that will fill your homes with a cosy atmosphere & most importantly give you that moment to press pause, get cosy & relax!

As an animal lover too (cats mainly) it was important to me that I created it all using vegan friendly & animal cruelty free ingredients. I wanted to keep our environment in mind too (make Mr. Attenborough proud) so I’ve put a lot of effort into choosing our packaging, making sure it’s recyclable or biodegradable. The only plastics we use are repurposed, like the bubble wrap, I only use what I’ve received in parcels, so by using it again gives it a second lease of life! I hope you love our range of candles & melts as much as I love creating them!

 Meet the cats of CosyCat Candle Co.

"The Supervisor"
The eldest, likes to observe from a distance, he’s a very handsome chap but boy does he know it!  

“Quality Control”
Our second eldest, who loves to check out everything! Well when his head not in his food bowl!


“The packing assistant”
The newest addition to the CosyCat family, our little princess who loves to help me pack orders, if you can call sitting in the box helpful! 

 In memory of Presley 
21.05.18 - 11.11.2020